IG Full Form Explained! All You Need to Know!

IG Full Form Explained!

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Who is an IG?

Inspector General Of Police is the acronym for IG. This is the highest ranking officer of Indian police. This is the title of the chief of a large region command of the police force. A IPS officer with 19 years service can be promoted to IG.

The IG is responsible to the whole of the administrative management of the police force. He also has command over the national service police and can perform functions according to national legislation. His powers include those relating to appointments, promotions, and suspension according to the rules and instructions issued by the Govt. Besides that, according to the police act 1861, the IG police has the full power as a Magistrate in the entire general police-district. However, the state government may limit this power.

You must start at IPS to be an IG. To become an IPS officer, you need to pass the UPSC exam, (read UPSC Full Form and more information). Depending on your work experience and your performance, you may be promoted to IG in 10-14 years. The IG is only appointed for a four-year term. It cannot be reappointed.

Duties or Functions (IG Full Form)

  • The IG of a Zone serves as a link between Director-General Police and District office.
  • He oversees the cooperation between police from different ranges and districts that fall under his control.
  • He can give directions, advise or control DIGs and SPs of his range to be aware of each other and not supersede them in their respective functions.
  • An IG can also take over Range DIG or SP in an emergency, and can then fully control the situation.
  • He is responsible for the training of Armed Reserves to ensure that the police force can maintain a high standard of efficiency and discipline. He also maintains discipline among all officers.
  • His duties include instruction of officers in man-management and modesty while they perform their duties.
  • He has the right to obtain information on all serious misconduct cases involving officers who are within his jurisdiction.
  • An IG can direct and guide his DIGs and Superintendents in Police (SP Full Form : All you need to know!) in serious matters, and can also conduct personal inquiries in serious cases.
  • He shares his copies with DGP, SP below him.


Who is higher IG or DGP?

The post of DGP is higher than that of IG.

What is the full form of IG?

Inspector-General of Police. Sometimes also referred to as IGP.

What is IG and DIG?

IG stands for Inspector General, where as DIG stands for Deputy Inspector General.

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