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Title, Officer, Administrator, ExecutiveSub Divisional Magistrate
SDM full form : Sub Divisional Magistrate

What is the full form of SDM?

The full name of SDM is Sub-Divisional Magistrate. The dividing of districts creates subdivisions. The SDM is an administrative officer who is often lower than the district level and is responsible for the subdivision.  SDM uses the powers of Executive Magistrate and collector. An SDM could be a senior officer in State Civil Services who has relevant work experience in subordinate positions or a junior member Indian Administrative Service.

SDM performs magisterial duties according to the 1973 criminal procedure code, and other minor actions. It is typically a ranking officer in the PCS. SDM is authorized by the Collector Magistrate, Tax Inspector and all tehsils and subdivisions will be under his control. The SDM is the link between his subdivision’s District Officers and Tahsildars.

SDM Full Form
SDM Full Form

SDM stands for Sub Divisional Magistrate. A district has many subdivisions. Each subdivision has an SDM. The officer who has the power of an Executive Magistrate or Collector. He is responsible for various magisterial duties under the Criminal Procedure Code 1973, as well as several minor acts.

He is the direct supervisor of Tahsildars in his subdivision and acts as a conduit for correspondence between the District Officer and Tahsildars in his subdivision.

SDM is generally an officer of State Public Service Commission ranking. IAS officers selected from UPSC (Read UPSC Full Form) also serve as SDM in their training period. In several Indian states, they are known as Assistant Commissioner or Deputy Collector. Each district is divided into its own tehsil. It is empowered by tax inspector, Collector or District Magistrate. SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate) is responsible for all subdivisions (tehsils).

Duties of SDM

Some of the general responsibilities of an SDM are:

  • Revenue function
  • Election work
  • Registration of vehicles
  • Registration of marriage
  • Issue and renewal of driving licenses
  • Issuing and renewal of arm licenses
  • Issue of certificates such as SC/ST, OBC and Domicile
  • Magisterial functions
  • Disaster Management

PS: They are also known as Deputy/Assistant Collector or Assistant Commissioner in several Indian states.

Is SDM an IAS?

SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate) is the first posting designation of an IAS officer selected through the UPSC Civil Services Exam.

Who is more powerful SDM or DM?

A DM has greater powers than SDM. A DM is a district level officer, where as an SDM is a sub-division level officer.

Does DSP salute SDM?

DSPs are gazetted officers similar to SDMs. SDM, and DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police), are both recruited through the State Civil Service. This is why a DSP doesn’t salute an SDM.

What is the full form of SDM?

Sub-Divisional Magistrate

What is the full form of SDM in Hindi?

उप प्रभागीय न्यायाधीश


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