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SDO is a shorthand for Sub Divisional Officer. The SDO is the chief of the sub-division in the government organization. The job of SDO is found in a variety of government departments, including Electricity Board, PWD irrigation and many more. It is possible to affirm that SDOs are employed in nearly every department of government.

The name implies that he or she is a divisional officer that is responsible for a variety of tasks. Thus, the title SDO is preceded with the title of the department or organization, such as SDO PWD. As a stand-alone SDO is equivalent to SDM (Sub Divisional Magistrate).

How do you become a Sub Divisional Officer (SDO Full Form)

Departmental employees may become promoted into the position of SDO according to their previous skills and experience. Additionally, SDOs are also employed through the State government via PSC (Public Service Commission) examinations. The minimum requirement for this test is a bachelor’s degree in the area of study. In addition, the role of an SDO is dependent on the department that they are a part of.

The role, for instance, sub-divisional officers (civil) for the Punjab state Punjab is explained below:

  • The responsibilities of an SDO (civil) in the sub-division is identical to those that the Deputy Commissioner performs in the district. The SDO is the primary representative of the Deputy Commissioner.
  • He is in charge of development projects within the sub-division . He also is a key player in the coordination of the work of the various departments.
  • He is able to make decisions on his own because in the majority of situations he is accountable for all that occurs within his division.
  • The power of the tenancy is determined by the Land Revenue and Tenancy Acts.
  • In addition, he serves as Assistant Collector in accordance with regulations of the Punjab Land Revenue Act and Punjab Tenancy Acts. In addition, he serves as that of an appeals authority according to the requirements of his revenue officers subordinate to him.
  • He is a subordinate of the District Magistrate, and is responsible for ensuring the law and order within the area under his jurisdiction.

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Minimum Qualification

The minimum requirement for this test is a Diploma (or equivalent qualifications) in the relevant field in the field of Engineering i.e. Civil, electrical & mechanical. There’s a huge demand for Civil Engineering government jobs and the prospect of a government position is the ideal dream that is cherished by the majority of people.

The limit for age is 21 and 30 (some exceptions are granted for candidates from SC/ST). The recruitment process is conducted through government agencies such as the Staff Selection Commission (SSC).

You can also watch this video to learn about how to become SDO; audiovisually. SDO Full Form explained!

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What is SDO salary?


Is SDO same as SDM?

No. SDO uses power of “Land Revenue Code” where as SDM uses power of “CrPC”

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