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What is an SP?

SP stands for Superintendent in Police. This is the title of the chief of police in an Indian non-metropolitan region. SP is the Indian Police Service’s police officer. Three designations are used by the word “Superintendent” in Indian police forces: Assistant Superintendent (ASP), Deputy Superintendent of Police(DSP) or Superintendent of Police.

For Example: Shivdeep Lande (शिवदीप लांडे)

From a constable to an assistant police superintendent, every police officer is required to perform their duties in compliance with SP’s instructions. SP is responsible both for maintaining law order and preventing terrorist or other criminal acts.

How to become an SP?

A Superintendent of Police, also known as SP, is the head of a police force in a particular district. This article will discuss how to become a Superintendent of Police. From constables to assistant superintendents of police, all police officers work under his supervision and must follow their instructions. The SP is responsible for keeping the district free from criminal, terrorist or corrupt activities.

Three ranks within the police force bear the title of superintendent: Assistant Superintendent of Police, Deputy Superintendent and Superintendent of Police. The primary responsibility of the Superintendent of Police lies in maintaining law and order and preventing crime.

The SP’s role is to take preventive steps to reduce crime. On occasions where large numbers of people gather, such as rallies, festivals, or other gatherings, the SP is responsible for making security arrangements. They must also ensure that their workforce is competent and efficient in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities.

Eligibility to become a Superintendent of Police (SP Full Form)

Students who want to be Superintendent of Police (SP Full Form) will find the steps below. To become SP, students must complete a 10+2 degree from a recognized board. They also need to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in any field from a college or university. To become an SP, this is the minimum academic requirement.

The student now has three choices from which to choose.

  • First, you can take the UPSC CSAT (Civil Services Aptitude Test) and get a score of over 100. The UPSC Prelims Paper includes this test, so students should prepare accordingly. The student who passes all three stages of UPSCC can then opt for the IPS position among other levels. After passing the exam, your starting rank will be either DSP or ACP. Soon, students will be an S.P.
  • Students have the option of appearing and clearing their State Public Service Commission Examination. Students can expect to be promoted to powerful positions, such as DSP. This option is less popular than the first.
  • The third is Sub Inspector Entry in your State Police Department. After becoming a Sub Inspector, students must work hard to solve crimes with incredible dedication and patriotism. They can expect to be promoted to the highest levels of the SP if they follow the rules and duties.

Another way to be SP is to join CBI. SI can be promoted to SP or DIG by being a CBI employee. We will focus on the first two options as they are the most straightforward.

Civil Services Exams by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC Full Form)

Students should consider the Civil Service as their first choice after graduation. It is a difficult job, but students can start to prepare for it during their Bachelor’s studies. Students spend long hours studying and practicing tons of papers every week. There are two options: You can join any coaching class, which ensures that a student passes all three stages of CSE by UPSC. Candidates must choose the post they want to pursue.

Students must consider the eligibility and process for different positions. Candidates who take interest in posts of SP, ASP or DSP must pass IPS exams. Both written and physical tests are required. Another body that conducts recruitment exams for Sub Inspector of Police is the Staff Selection Commission (SSC). It has offices in many states.

Who is higher SP or DSP?

The rank is higher than Assistant superintendent and is equivalent to Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) in the commissionerate system. Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), is a rank used by police forces in India .

Is SP an IPS officer?

An SP is either an officer of State Police Service (SPS) or Indian Police Service (IPS).

What is the salary of SP?

The salary of an SP ranges from 70000 to 110000. Not to forget, they enjoy a lot of perks other than salary.

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